Bad things

I’m sitting here, on my passenger seat, aboard this Genesis and I can’t help thinking that, with all those bad thing happened in these days, I need to write down who I am. As a milestone, for my life.

Who am I?  What have I done?

Well, I was born in Lorville in 2911. My father was a military officer. At the age of 21 I moved in one of the most peripheral area of the city, called “Tasky Shore”.

When I begun to consider the “Shore” my home, in 2946 things went wrong over there. I had to leave. And I needed to go silent for a while. I had to shut down my well established business, BANTAM CONSULTING, and get rid of all what I’ve done. To survive. This is not something I like to talk about.

Someone calls me “Cumberlain”. It’s an old joke from high school. I maintain this nickname in some circuits, just to recall old timers.

My nickname is “Twenty Square” because I’m very fond of the “Royal Game of Ur”, an ancient game represented by two gameboards found on Earth, in the Royal Tombs of Ur in Iraq by Sir Leonard Woolley in the 1920s.


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