I took the Miss Elizabeth on a ride, today. Damn, it’s quite a trip. I’ve never felt anything like this before.

The silence. The immense universe lays without any sound. And yet, you can still feel it. I sense it. It’s under my skin.

I just felt the moment. Like a whole universe inside a fragment of time and space. It was only me and my ship. And the infinite, all around.

It’s like a tear drop in the ocean. Like a small, infinitesimal breath, a glimpse of an eye.

I always wondered why people tried so desperately to reach the stars. Maybe we simply try desperately to get home, you know?

I need to be part of somethings bigger than life. To find a place in this whole. To actively seek for my path, among stars and planets.

Now I get it. Now I feel it. I hold tight the sticks and I know I can move on. Move forward. I can push forward, until the end.

Maybe there’s no home waiting for me, anywhere around. Maybe all I need is just a small ship and a star to steer her by.


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