A privileged spot

I found myself sitting in Port Olisar, in a privileged spot, distant from people, distant from everything.

I need to think. I need to stare at the vastness of the ‘Verse and feeling the universe staring back at me. It’s a sort of poetry, you know?

I can’t imagine a better place to find myself sometimes. It’s all in here. Every single drop of my life is in here. Every tear, every breath.

What can I possibly want more? I have all the liberty in the ‘Verse. I can do virtually anything.

I’m alone, in this journey. I know that. That’s fine. That’ part of life. I can bear that. What I cannot bear are my life’s missing pieces.

I’m always incomplete. My personal puzzle is broken. Unable to fit more pieces. Or, maybe, I need to get rid of some pieces, time by time.


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