I wish I had more time. More then one single life. I wish I had at least a couple. Or even more of them. I’m floating around, suspended in this incredible nothing of the ‘Verse. It’s like emerging from the deepest lake on Earth and getting back. All over again and again.

I’m not stranded. I’m pure joy, right now, it seems. What a wonderful moment to enjoy. I like to be alone wolf, however. I can’t imagine sharing this moment with anyone but myself.

Such a terrific experience.

It’s funny.

It all started as a sort of joke. I was stranded. Adrift.

After years of hard work I got nothing in return. My last business, Bantam Consulting, was over. I had no money. No friends. No place to call home anymore.

I floated away in the ‘Verse for a while. Alone. I thought nothing could save me from my situation.

And yet, after a while, things started to go better again. It was all by myself. My determination, my being stubborn helped out to sort things in proper ways.

It was then I realized how privileged I was. And have been. To be alive. To live those moments in Port Olisar. With new friends. With new goals. With a job and some credits on my account.

But I wasn’t happy enough. I felt empty. I kept feeling that sensation. A strange feeling. It was telling me I had to do something else. Or, better, something more.

I started writing about my adventure in the ‘Verse. About the places I saw, the spot I was exploring. I got my friends reading my articles and bum… I found my new purpose.

Exploration has been always my life and my only purpose. So I decided to start writing about my adventures. I’m writing to exorcise my feelings and all those things that still scare me.

Maybe someone will find my work interesting, maybe even useful. In that case I’ll be the richest man in the ‘Verse.

Otherwise, I’ll continue to write.


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