“A symbol of power for mankind. The hearth of ArcCorp. Something you cant’ miss. Even if you’re getting in Stanton for just a couple of hours. It’s immense. It’s huge. You’ll feel like an ant.”


Embark in and unprecedented journey among huge concrete and metal skyscrapers. It’s easy to get lost in there. Don’t be afraid: it’s not as huge as it seems at first sight. It’s huger.

ArcCorp main attraction is, without dobut, Area18. A place where everything you need is at your fingertips. Well, probably not everything if you’re more for nature and fresh air. Otherwise you’ll feel very comfortable in here.

The first time I put a step in there I felt like a small being, observed from something way above me. In their immense highness, the marvelous and huge skyscrapers dominate the entire court. And most important, they dominate you.

With tons of metal and concrete, it’s easy to be afraid. The whole main plaza of Area18 seems on the edge of the collapse. Everything seems so small in there. Even those ships, passing by your head, way above the sky.

Normally you would stare at them and feel their size without problem. When walking in Area18, instead, everything seems so small. It just take five minutes to get to see a Gladius, a Conni or a Cutlass passing by and they just look like… well, birds.

It’s not the distance, here. Size do really matter here. Everything aims to depict all the human power, which seems to flow from the inside to the outside. There’s a strong feeling coming from buildings and you seems to catch it. To actually feel something greater than the sum of the parts.


Area18 is a sort of architectural masterpiece. A place where laws of physics seems wrong. Or faint, to say the least.

The most amazing places of Area18 are indeed its balcony. Find a spot you like it, sit on one of the omnipresent benches and just look around. You’ll easily find yourself diving into the endless vastness of this planet which, according to official statements, has no a single square meter of true nature left intact.

While sitting here or leaning on some metal balcony you can spot the Behring building with its huge circular promenade. And, behind it, the infinite construction yards that span endlessly over the horizon.

It’s a straneg place where natural and artificial join their forces to create something new. Unfamiliar. But, to be honest, something incredibly attractive.

You can literally spend hours there, without doing anything but looking at the sky through all those clouds and trying to catch as many building and landmarks as possible.


Area18 is a huge central hub for virtually any service available on the planet.

Speaking about services, there’s room for everything you need in there. From here you can travel to the rest of the planet in a glimpse of an eye.

You can think of it as a living monument to humanity. To its power, of course. But also to its infinite greed. And its primordial animal instincts.


It’s a place with two souls. One, everybody loves. The other, is something you might gonna hate.

Living there it’s not easy. You can find yourself quickly adrift in there. At margins of society. Everyone is busy there. There’s no room for compassion nor for hearted people.

That’s the other soul of this place. You gotta approach it with care. And dedication. Otherwise it will chew and spit you out in seconds.



“Casaba outlet has everything you need to get dressed in the perfect innatural style of the Stanton system. Get a shirt, or a cap. And you’ll look like exactly as everything else on the planets: a distinctive piece of the planet.”

An ubiquitous outlet Located at the center of Area18 it will surprise you with its design and style. Try it out. You won’t regret it.

Casaba Outlet has its own style. No one can deny it. It delivers a sensation. You might not like ti at first but when you delve in the spirit of this franchise, well, you win. Everything.

It offers many different wearing style and, most important, it designed to be attractive. It’s quite new in here. And it’s still expanding, thou.

But it started with the right first step. Everyone loves Casaba Outlet. It’s a common thought on Stanton.

Rumors has something which looks like Casaba is present even on the Grim Hex hideout. If I’ll ever be able to get there without blowing out with my ship I’ll write on it.

A unique design. Everything you can find here has the perfect style you always needed. Even if you say the contrary.

In the meantime Casaba, the original one (not the Hex’s darker clone), has a strong feeling. Its design is simple but effective. And it’s expanding even off planetside (someone said Port Olisar? I’ll cover that soon).

Wearing something got from Casaba will make you part of the planet. That’s the spirit it’s delivering. Do you really wanna lose the chance to take home a small part of the planet?

It might be simple but it’s interesting. It might be cozy but it’s effective. When buying at Casaba you’re buying something more, it seems. You’re buying what people will see of you.

Choose wisely, thou. You don’t wanna mess with your public mask, do you?


“Get a beer. Or a drink. Ask for news. Get a job or a mission. If you’re ‘thirsty’, well.. this is the place.”

The G-Loc could look as a simple pub or bar but it’s remotely like that. It’s the second heart of Area18. It’s the common place to find anything you need. If you miss something, you’ll find it there.

Admit it. If you’ve ever been on system Stanton you know that the G-Loc bar is the ultimate place to search for something. Well, virtually anything. There’s room for anything and anyone in there. Plus, the service is clean and dedicated.

Located in the very center of the Area18 plaza it’s the first thing you see when customs let you in (what a coincidence, uh?). It is exactly in front of you, at the other side of the plaza.

It drive you in. After hours or days in space no one can resist a sign like this one. No you can hold tight from, well… a bar. It locks you and drag you in (maybe this is the very nature of its name, who knows).

A crossroad. There’s little to say about the G-Loc. It’s an important crossroad from anyone wh0’s getting there for business, travel or other affairs.

You can get comfortable ad have a drink, while relaxing and getting lost through those big windows or you can look for someone to help out and get your next mission or temporary job.

If you’re looking for a someone to add to your crew this is the place, for example. Or,maybe, you’re just looking for someone ready to tell his own story. Well, this is the damn place.

Everything seems to be revolving around this bar. It’s a focal point in the Area18 everyday life. You can get in with a single credit and leave it rich or the opposite. It’s all up to you. And the people you deal with.



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  1. I remember when I used to be like you, free and able to travel wherever I wanted. I even remember the first time I put my feet on Area 18. I loved that place at the time, specially the G-Loc bar.

    Those were good times. But well, after that I returned home and business was waiting. I don’t regret what happened next, though. However I’d love to be able to have some time to go back to this, to be, quoting your own words “the Captain of your own life”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As you know, time is the essence of life. You have to feel every moment, every beat. Yeah, It’s not easy, thou. But when you’ll recall those moments you’ll be there. Again. Not only captain of our own life but master of your own time. Fly safe, my friend.


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