“Stanton has been my home for a very long time. After what I’ve been through it gave me a home, some credits and some friends. But it also made me understand the most important thing about life: you got a ship. You got a destination. You got everything you need.”


The first thing you think when arriving at Stanton system is ‘Did I’ve set the wrong destination into the ship’s computer?’.

I mean, come on, Stanton is not much of a system. It can be hospital but it’s also very greed. It can pushes you back. Or, worts, can put you on your knees, if you let it.

It’s dirt, cold and very corp-oriented. Almost every planet in this system belongs to a well known established firm, corporation or big Organization. It can be harsh to undertake, at first.

With time and patience, Stanton can resemble a very familiar place to someone but initially it will kick your ass. And kick your ass badly. It won’t let you go away because if you get in here it’s because you need something from someone in here. A Job, some credits. Or other bad things I don’t wanna know.

When I first arrived in here I thought I could get easily lost. I did not like it at first. And I’m not sure I like it right now. For sure it features all the power mankind can prove with huge buildings planetside and spaceport, docking and orbital station above the sky.

The right word here is HUGE.


If you’re into building, design and aerospace industry Stanton could be your personal playground. Otherwise it will make you leave at once.

Area18 is your starting point. It’s easy to get lost in there. The amount of people minding their business there is off scale. You can try to get a job, if that’s what you want. But be warned. It’s either you looking for a job or a job looking for you. Creepy, uh?

The marvelous central plaza of Area18 is something noteworthy. It’s as overwhelming as all those balconies, aside it. It’s a sort of hearth. A breathing and living organism. There’s really a lot to do in there.

If you’re not interested in ArcCorp but you still have to mind some business in Stanton you can reach Port Olisar, a sort of orbital facility which, recently, expanded in order to include more business and customer services (and it’s still expanding).

It is indeed the gateway to the stars, since it’s the biggest station of the system. You can land there, easily rent a room and depart the same day. Easy as that. Of course you have to close an eye on the cleaning service and rooms sizes.

Cry-Astro also have some facilities in here and can be reached without problems. The service is kind, as usual. And the fee is legit.


Remember when you arrived in the system and your ship warned about some unknown signals? Well, those were pirates. And they were staring at you.

Ever heard of Yela? It’s a moon. It has its own asteroid field around it. But it also features Grim Hex station. A place where you don’t want to get, if you’re the kind of guy who aims to follow rules and laws.

Otherwise, you’ll feel home in there. It’s built inside the asteroid field. They say it has room for many people as well as for ships. It’s a sort of pirate base although it’s more a not-so-secret hideout for some paranoid weirdos.

Stanton has also two military complexes floating (or drifting) somewhere and, possibly, the worst comm system of the ‘Verse. Its relay network is not so reliable since pirates and outlaws raids the place. Crusader has its own security force but it’s as effective as a dying rat it seems.

Meaning you have to watch your back when entering a region not linked to the main network (and it can happen quite often): in space, no one can hear you scream. If the net is down, obviously.


Love it. Hate it. In any case you will have feelings toward this system. Strong feelings. It will make you smile. It will make you cry. You choose.

Although this system is quite big and has room for many celestial natural phenomenons or artificial objects orbiting around… well, everything, Stanton is not the best place to live. Its planets are quite awful. ArcCorp can be entertaining for a while but when it comes to basics (nature, anyone?) it can be hard to bear.

The best thing to do, aside from helping out Crusader security (which can be interesting, especially if they’re gonna pay you) is exploration. It’s quite safe to travel through, thou. But don’t expect anyone helping you out in case of emergency.

Everyone’s too busy, it seems.


Click below and see what interesting this system has to offer.



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