Back in space

It’s been a while, I admit it. I’ve no interest in declining it. It’s been a while since I took the Miss Elizabeth for a ride.

I felt empty. And lonely. I felt nothing was really important. I had, of course, on of my low moments.

Those moments when literally everything seems dark and cold. I don’t know why but, sometimes, I got hooked by these emotions and things start to look different.

Uglier. Darker.

I had no interest in flying. I just kept doing my job, day after day, at Cry-Astro. Without thinking about anything at all.

Those moments, now, have gone. Now I’m here. Seated again on the pilot chair. The best place in the ‘Verse.

I can’t find the right words, I shall simply say that this is one of the best moment I had in many months.

I feel the solar wind in front of my face. I look at the stars and feel them.

What a beautiful moment.


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