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Why you need to do that, in first instance? Well, because this is the first step into the unknown. Life on the ‘Verse is a lot easier than you think. It’s the decision to take that first step out the door of your hangar that is the hardest part because it requires the most important change in your life.

You’re about to leave your old life for a new one. I know what it is like. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming (I’ve been through it already) but travel is the very rewarding experience and you shouldn’t let fear hold you back.


Travel is one of the most exciting, interesting, and learning experiences a person can do in a lifetime. It makes you a far more well adjusted person. But spending extended time on space has its ups and downs. It’s not all sunshines and rainbows. You might face something new and scary or, if you’re lucky enough, you could land on some unexpected planet or asteroid and find a fortune.

Who knows? No one. Who can tell a choice is better than other choices? Again, no one. It’s up to you. But remember this few words: the very meaning of travel is that leaving something behind is not as important as what you might (and definitely would) achieve.

Traveling is living. And living is the key. Find yourself a meaning is as important as finding the true meaning of traveling. Once you got that, you have everything you need.


If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of leaving your life behind there’s something you need to know. That’s not true: you’re not leaving all behind. You may leave something at home (your home, for example) but important things come along with you and your ship.

There’s nothing so important which can’t be left behind. Or, in other words, consider your home a safe. A place where you can store everything you find in your journeys. A safe port you can return to whenever you want.

Change your life’s pattern. Start going somewhere and get back. You’ll discover a whole new world at your fingertips. There’s nothing more overwhelming than getting back home after a long journey. You can store everything you found, every picture, every small thing you collected.

Turn your home in a living and breathing museum of your life and you won’t be disappointed. The most important thing to carry with you is just you. Anything else is not worthy. It’s just a memoir from a journey, in other words… a souvenir.


Even if you’ve not a ship to travel with remember: you’re the captain of your own life. You make the decisions. Others will comply. It might not seems true, at the beginning but if you’ll be able to follow this idea you’ll soon discover the truth beyond these words.

Start with something small. An RSI Aurora, maybe. It’s affordable and it’s safe to say that she’s definitely a good choice to start with. Actually, almost everyone starts with an RSI Aurora. Maybe everyone.

Don’t be scared of the ‘Verse. She’ll keep you safe. Start with small steps in the right direction. Treat her well and she’ll bring you back home in one piece.

Make your own path through the stars. One step at a time. Visit some other planets in your solar system. This will eventually bring some new ideas. Discover a world of opportunities which lies beyond the next star and drive your future with your hands.

Bear this in mind. You won’t fail.



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