Travel Tips For Lonewolves


A lone wolf is an animal or person that generally lives or spends time alone instead of with a group. The term originates from wolf behavior. Normally a pack animal, wolves that have left or been excluded from their pack are described as lone wolves. As a person, a lone wolf is an individual who prefers solitude, is introverted, or who works alone.


This is the well-known definition. And it’s definitely not far way from the real truth. As I lone wolf myself, I tend to not being involved in anything distant from my usual life or business.

However, there’s much more in this definition, believe me. Being a lone wolf means you’re going to explore for your very own, to feel the beat of the ‘Verse by yourself.

But there’s something in this picture which cringe: as a lone wolf you aim to experience every aspect of the journey and then you feel the strongest feeling of all. The need to share those emotions, those feeling, with someone. A friend, maybe, another lone wolf, perhaps.

This doesn’t matter at all, at the end. It’s not the person you share your moments with that matters. Not at all, believe me. It’s that strong need that drives you mad that matters. And, guys, it definitely really matters.

So, in order to keep this need of yours under control and experience the best life in the ‘Verse alone, here are some free advices.


No one can tell you when the right moment show up. Only you can feel this particular instant, in time and space. And when you feel it, grab it. Hold id. Close you eyes and let it flow throughout you.

Is something hit your attention means that somehow it triggers something in your emotional system. Follow that instinct and reach that something. You might find something life changing.

Remember to breathe slowly and take long breaths. As soon as you find some spots in the ‘Verse that expand your horizons, come to a complete stop. Drift quietly in the vastness of space, alone. Feel the breath of the cosmic wind and float silently in your boat as long as you need it.

Take pictures. Since you travel and you travel quite a lot, it seems, it’s imperative to create a memory safe. Something you can use to storage your thoughts, your emotions and your life’s snapshots.

Take care of your ship. Treat her well and she’ll always bring you home, wherever it would be. There’s nothing so special and intense that considering a space ship a flying home. A safe place where you can literally be whoever you want to be. It’s a flying castle. And you’re the undisputed king.

Suddenly, you might experience the need to immerse your life with others life. It’s totally comprehensible. And it’s truly a terrific experience. Fly to some spot, find a bar, grab a drink. This will be your safe port, where you can observe the ‘Verse from a totally different perspective. From the outside to the inside. And vice versa. It’s a remarkable thing to do.

Fly safe or brace for impact. There’s no in-between. Or, in other words, just don’t stay still. Grab the moment. Be grateful to have a ship and a place to reach. You might already know that but there very best part of a journey it’s the journey itself. Set the course, grab the sticks and fly. Fly anywhere. Feel the wind on your face. There’s nothing like it.


This tips are for you and for you alone. Stick with these and you’ll discover something new and interesting. Something related to the most important thing in the ‘Verse.

This tips will make you a real lone wolf as soon as you’ll realize what you’re looking for is not somewhere, beyond some distant star. It’s just yourself.


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  1. Herbinator says:

    Too true.
    Read your appraisal. Made me wish to acknowledge the article with a reply.
    Good job. Hope we can meet in the Verse. I’ll buy the first drink.
    Herbinator of Arcady

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bantam Cumberly says:

    Hi Herbinator. Many thanks for this reply. I’t really means a lot. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this. I hope to meet you too, one day. And a drink will surely be appreciated!


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