Why Travel Makes You Awesome


I spend a lot of in this project of mine which is my travel blog and almost every day, during my journeys, I read about and hear people who says that can’t wait to be inside a cockpit while others say that they always dreamed of being pilots through the stars or being able to reach the stars and explore the universe.

I myself find in that situation too, of course, and I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone here is here because the ‘Verse is promising us all a very amazing experience of being inside a spaceship, flying across the stars, explore the unknown.

But, if you think about it in a more general way, for thousand years, before our time and even beyond, thousands of people and their accomplishments drove our dreams, as well as every movie or every books in the past did, telling us stories where mankind was finally able to reach or dominate the stars. This is our past.

So I just ask you this: have you ever wondered that the very reason behind our dreams of being in space, having a spaceship, exploring the stars and reach distant parts of the Galaxy is such important to us because … we’re simply … TRYING TO GET HOME?

I mean … maybe we’re trying to get to our REAL home, the stars, as if we’re all here for a mistake or because something, in our very distant past, dropped our abilities to zero and we had to start again, from scratch and we all now have these reminiscences that drive us toward the sky and make us dream about it almost every day.

Have you ever thought about that?


Maybe I’m wrong but, maybe, I’m right. And if so… BOOM. I got you. You’re mine. You’re now hooked to this personal rabbit hole of mine. I own you! No, just kidding. But the message is very important here.

We travel because traveling makes us awesome. Maybe we really belong to the stars and something place on Earth thousands years ago. We won’t never know that for sure.

That’s why traveling is important. It unveils our past. When we look at stars we just see how they were thousands years ago. Well, this is like looking at mirror, sometimes. We all know that.

And that, my friends, is what makes you … AWESOME!


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