Big Business

It’s strange. Sometimes you find out something new when, instead, you’re trying to find something else. I took the Miss Elizabeth out for a tour on Yela’s asteroid belt, days ago. I was still looking for the Hex. I had no luck. Not at all (I will find that station, I swear). But I’ve been lucky enough to discover something interesting.

Apparently, the entire Yela’s belt is the home of a strange network. I call it network since I found some of this… things. What did I find? Well, since it was really strange at first glance, I took the ship closer to get a better look at the first thing I found. Well, it seems that someone had a great effort to put in place a Big Benny’s vending machines, attached to a rusty pylon, installed on a small rock, floating around Yela. Strange enough, uh?

What’s strange is that my comm was flooded with a strange, irritating and looping rhythmic sound, leading exactly to that…. thing. I looked better at that Big Benny’s machine: it has some writing on it. It showed a big Big Business insignia on the top and a very strange Grab Creds writing on the bottom.

Since I did not find anything near I was curious and started looking around Yela to check for other things of these. Well, what I found out is that there are plenty of them around the moon. It seems a network of some kind, built out of some Big Benny’s vending machines, all attached to these pylons on some small and big rocks.

I thought about those things. And I have some thoughts and theories.

Maybe it’s a communication network. On the other side of the vending machine there’s a small console. Unfortunately I was not able to access it (I’ve done a pretty closer EVA) but it apparently seems connected to the machine and the pylon. Maybe it uses the enduring power cell of the Big Benny’s machine to feed the antennas connected to the pylon.

Maybe it’s a sort of routing network and those modified Big Benny’s machines are some sort of map markers to follow. Where do they lead to? Grim Hex? Some other way? Maybe with some triangulation and knowing a starting point this routing network might lead to something very interesting.

Maybe it is, in a way, related to the Grim Hex station and the Creds term wrote on it might refer to credits. Maybe it is used by some pirates or some similar kind of people, who knows for what purpose.

Maybe it’s all these, maybe not.

Those things, however, are still very strange indeed. I’ll keep an eye on this network. Maybe, in future, I’ll discover something more.

Who knows.


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