Finding the Hex

 More than thousand years ago, the famous explorer David Livingstone once said: “I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose“. Well, more than thousand years later I’m proud of being able to say the same thing. Finally… I’ve found the Hex!

I’ve found it! I knew I would eventually find it. I took a long time and a lot of exploration but, now, I see it with my very eyes. And, oh my, it is amazing indeed.

I got to know about the Hex just a few months ago and since then I desperately wanted to find her and reach her. I wanted to be there and look by myself because it seemed, to me, the most exciting place to be since I left Hurston.

Formerly known as Green Imperial, this Housing Exchange (hence the name Hex) was built by Everline Structures Incorporated soon after the system’s discovery and it was intended to house the group of miners coming to work the asteroid belt surrounding Yela.

Now Grim Hex (the actual name is due to some old letters still visible outside and inside of the complex) is a sort of pirate base. A place where you can find different kind of people. Pirates on one side, explorers on the other and every kind of person you can imagine in-between.

With all that being said, this is truly a remarkable piece of construction. The first one that leaves me completely breathless. Not only for the fact that is, literally, carved from and asteroid (and this asteroid is still connected to other small ones) but for what it represents inside the well known Stanton system, completely lead by corporations.

I see the Hex through the glass of my cockpit, as I slowly roll to get a better view of the station. I know it’s very risky to get there for a man like me, with only a small Aurora and nothing more than my fears and my beating heart but I want to get there.

I’ll land somewhere. Maybe near that big Constellation, laying quietly in its landing pad. And then I’ll try to get inside. There’s more to tell about the Hex.

Be prepared to read some interesting stories.


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