A selfie from the Hex

I incredibly safely landed the Miss Elizabeth on one of the Hex’s landing area. No one seems to be here, except for few people. I run to the airlock and got to the armistice area of the station and then… I got hooked to this place.

Damn, it’s beautifully scaring. Rusty and scaring. It can really scare the bejesus out of you with its continuing low sounds. It seems there’s always someone watching your back. In a negative way, of course. As soon as I landed I changed, leaving my space suit along the airlock.

Then I immediately looked for KC Trending, the famous shop everyone talk about in this system.

Well, as you can see from the selfie, I immediately find some suitable outfit option. Jeez, this shop as literally some interesting shirts (United Empire Of Trash. I mean… really? That’s amazing!) and caps at a very affordable price.

I wanna get lost in a place like this. I wanna explore this station in all its corridor, its alleys and, who knows what lies beyond those great asteroid walls.

What a terrific place, it is, the Hex.


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