I’ve found it

I’ve found it. And it is a beauty. At last, I’m floating in the void of space, looking at this terrific station. It’s incredible the sense of scale this place suggests. How small I feel. It’s anything like Port Olisar, or Area 18.

In there, you feel the greatness of mankind. In here, instead, you can feel the very hugeness of nature. I’m looking at Grim Hex and, at first glance, I see the asteroid. It’s immense, now. But I know it’s not the greatest rock in Yela’s belt. No, it’s a minor rock. Jeez, how huge it seems.

And then I look at the station. It truly looks like a bug, sturdy installation. And then, behind those two, Yela. It’s indeed overwhelming. I’m feeling the power of this moon. And I know that, somewhere behind this moon there’s Crusader. A big gas giant.

The scale of life, here, is tearing me in pieces. It’s like being part of something bigger and immense. It is truly dazing. How luck I am, being here and feeling all these emotions. All at once.


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