Her majesty

The more I stare at it, the more I feel this strong sensation, deep down on me. It’s uncommon, you know, to get lost at first sight. Especially for an explorer. You tend to get accustomed to certain things.

Yet, its beauty is stunning. It’s forged from iron and marvel. It’s embrace a specific geometry which unleash some intriguing figures and thoughts.

Oh my, guys, how I’m in love with this station. It’s design is astonishing. It’s truly a majesty. A marvelous engineering monument. It’s a shame that, right now, it’s used a sort of pirate station even if, as long as I can see and experience, nothing really bad seems to happen around here.

With my feet strongly attached to the surface of the landing pad I raise my head and look at the vastness of the ‘Verse. All those rocks, all those distant lights, for the first time I see them without being in a cockpit. They do really look big and huge. Overwhelming.

I’m desperate. Is there anything more beautiful than this sight? Those little asteroids are floating silently in front of me and behind me.

I’m walking on a floating station, carved inside an asteroid. What could possibly be better? As an explorer, this is a breath-taking experience. I’m enjoying the moment. My heart is mesmerizing. How immense it is.

How epic.


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