Great news

I’m back at Port Olisar. And I couldn’t feel any better.

First thing first. I brought some things back from the Hex. Damn, they’re really fine pieces of clothing. I grab them from the shop in the station and I can’t find anything better of more comfortable.

But clothes are not the only thing I brought back from Hex. While lurking around at the station, I came across an interesting man. An explorer. And a miner. Elijah Rockseeker. Leader of the UEMC. The one who mapped Yela’s belt.

Here’s the great news: after a few beers, he agreed to pass along a word in my favor to Liliann Zhu Wang of the Gazetteer. Never thought of being a correspondent before. Could earn me a few credits. Won’t say no to that.

So, I’m gonna interview this man. For this blog. There’s so much to do, now. So much to care about. I’ll be busy for the next days.

And after all I went through in the past, this is absolutely the best damn thing that could have happened to me.


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