Back to Hex

I’m back to the Hex. I’m unable to stay away from this place. There’s something, here, which drives me mad about. I can’t figure it out. Yet, here I am. It’s the smell, maybe. Or sounds, all around, which engulf me deeper inside this station. Don’t know. Everything just seems calm and quiet. Crystallized.

All I know is that I’m here. I feel safe, in here. Safer than in Port Olisar. It’s a strange feeling. I hope I’m not crazy. What the hell am I doing in a place like this? Is it possible? Is it really possible? Am I so broken to need to be here instead of another, tranquil place?

I don’t have an answer, at the moment. Question is, who the hell cares about? I only want to disperse myself in the ‘Verse. Secluded, inside these rocks. I wanna loose myself and don’t listen to all those voices. Where are they from? Are only just my head or they come from somewhere else? Am I running away from something?

I have to admit it. I’ve never hope to get much of attention about this travel blog. Never thought about. It all started as  dare. Nothing more. Yet, day after day, until these very days, it interested many one. I’m writing this entry and I can’t help thinking about how much effort I’m putting in this project., how much energies.

The interview with Elijah Rockseeker went very well. So well I’ve been contacted by at least two other people via Spectrum. It’s thrilling, you know? Being recognized for the quality of your work and getting appreciated. It’s a powerful force which push me forward. On and on.

I’m here, today, to meet someone. I can’t tell anything more, right now because, well… I don’t know anything. I’ve been contacted and asked to meet in here. And here I am.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting for my contact to show up. And talk. And, maybe, arrange another interview or something else.

I’m really amazed. After all this time, after all I wen throught, now I know this is all I wanna do. It’s the only thing I always wanted to do. I realized it just now. It’s my personal epiphany.

And I couldn’t be happier.


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