Secrets are everywhere. Around me. Around this station. I met someone in these days over here and chit-chatted with them. I enjoyed they vision of the ‘Verse.

I know it could sound weird reading this lines of mine but let me be clear on that: I’m not gonna become a pirate, my friends. Not at all. On the contrary. I’m starting to feel a strange sensation.

All these years spent alone, without almost any friends or any contact with other people (Cry-Astro job aside) taught me one thing I’m learning only now. Maybe I’m struggling not to be alone anymore.

Maybe I’m more suited for having a crew. Ok, I wrote it: a crew. This word has so many meanings to me. It always had. And yet in all those years I avoided this word like a curse.

I had friends, back on Hurston and I lost them. I had a girl, back then. And I lost them. I also had a family, the best of my times. And I ended up alone. I’ve been always cursed about friendship and family, that’s why I always wanted to be alone: to not endanger others.

Yet, in this days spent on Grim Hex I watched closely all those ships and crews coming by and leaving and it occurred to me that this, maybe, could be the best of times to start something new.

A sort of new project which could lead me somewhere else. Maybe it’s time to gather people around me and form a crew. I don’t know. Can’t neither see a solution or decide for a good one.

I’m struggling with this idea of mine which is t the same time terrifying and lovely. Such great moments could come with a crew. And I think I have all the requirements to gather one. Should I start looking for a crew in a proper way or should I stick to my lone-wolf life?

Too much questions, too few answers. What should I do? Answers will come, sooner or later. I must have patience.

And in the meantime, listening to all those secrets this intriguing station has to offer.


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