It’s been quite a long time since I wrote something. Not because I did not have time but because I spent too much time thinking about it. I’ve been in Hex for quite a time, now and it helped me focus on things I did not thought about before.

While I’m waiting for my contact to show up for the next interview of this travel blog, I look around. All I see is rusty corridors and wall. It all feels rigid. Secluded. How gorgeous is this place. I look around. And I feel quite. Comfortable. Silent.

In these days I thought a lot about the meaning of my activity. I started something, no doubt about it. Am I capable of pursuing this task? This mission of mine? Am I able to follow the path of the explorer?

I always wanted to be an explorer. Since I was young I always thought I’d spent my life inside a cockpit or aboard some ship. But now, after thinking intensively about, I started to realized that this dream of mine, maybe, can’t be fulfilled alone. Maybe I can’t do it all alone.

Where am I going with my dream? Where will it lead me? These horizons are clear to me yet. But I desperately want to disperse the clouds hanging over me and get rid off these thoughts.

I must focus. It will take take, maybe. But I’m confident I’m gonna do that eventually.


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