Dark places

Dark places are everywhere. Out there. But also inside me. Maybe inside there are the worst places I’ve ever visited. The right question, now, is… am I really emerged from the places I’ve been lately?

I’m looking at the mirror and I can’t recognize the man I see. I’m changed in this period. I can feel it. Can’t tell if better or not. Maybe not.

I’m alone. I’m feeling alone. I just strive to survive again. I look around me and all I see are dark places.

Places so deep that I finding a way out is not so simple. Voices all around. I hear ’em. Can’t stop them. Can’t figure out what they’re saying.

All I know is that I’m barely touching this dark seaside. Can’t see the limits of this lake. Maybe it’s an ocean. I hope not.

Dark places. Everywhere around me.

And inside me.


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