Pushing forward

Got back to my ship today. Just needed to focus. And try to relax a bit. Never felt so lone. All around me, wherever I look at, I see happy people, young or old faces passing by with their ships. Going somewhere, in the ‘Verse.

And while they go, I’m stuck here, with a job I don’t like quite much (Cry-Astro can be a really tough task, sometimes), looking at them and asking myself if I’ll ever go past this period of my life.

All I have, it seems, is this blog. And my ship. I have no friends. No one to take care of, no family at all. Even my old friends seem vanished beyond some dark moon.

I’m here, floating around in the complete nothing made of stardust, asking myself what kind of life is this. Is it making any sense? Can I emerge out of nothing? The Miss Elizabeth is slightly drifting and I follow its same, slow movements.

I’m drifting. All I had, previously, is now lost. Forever? Who knows? This is the bigger question ever. I don’t have any answers, right now. All I know, all I feel are my dual sticks in my hands.

I stretch my hands around them and keep pushing forward, towards the next moon or the next asteroid but I know this is all I have. All I can be, right now.

My ship helps me escape from this dark places I’m stuck into. I’m grateful for that. I’ll always be. Sometimes I’d rather be in my cockpit than anywhere else. It’s the only place I care about, it seems.

All I have is this ship but that, maybe, is what defines me. What is drawing my path, along the way of life. I push forward. I always do.

I keep pushing forward.

Till the next star.

Till the next adventure.


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