Pain Fear

Today I polished and finished my first, real short movie. Being a movie maker is a thing I thought a lot about, in these past months. I always wanted to try since my only “work”, previously, was the into video I realized for this travel blog.

Well, now that’s not my only short movie anymore. Here you can enjoy my last work, titled “Pain Fear”. A dream, a nightmare. A labour of love, made with fear and solitude.

It all started with my mobiGlas and an idea. The rest came to life its own way. I was thrilled, while filming, day after days since I was realizing something really interesting were knocking at my door.

I wanted to tell the nightmarish story of a pilot, who find himself framed in his own mind, unable to escape. He’s trapped in his very own world. He’s locked and eventually finds himself hanging upside down, like a moth, without being able to escape.

So I indulged in my vision and in my dream (or nightmare?) and let things come out from my head.


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