Burning Annoyance

I shot another short movie, today. It’s titled “Burning Annoyance” and it represents my actual feelings. In these days I feel bored. Well, not just bored. Bored to death. Annoyed. Everything seems distant from me or, worst, I feel myself light years away from everything. I can’t focus on anything and as I try to accomplish anything I get apathetic about the very subject.

As a cathartic act I decided to take the Miss Elizabeth on Area18 and shoot another short movie with my mobiGlas. I wanted to tell this annoyance of mine. I wanted to cry, through these images, about my being lonely among people, in these days.

I can feel this burning annoyance in front of me. The act of staring at the fire is, to me, the act of letting go every emotional desire and get struck in my very own small world. I can think about tons of things to do but, at the very end, I can barely bare the weight of the though.

The world outside my mind, depicted by the alley scene, is alive and is enjoying but also, as the siren rings loudly, scaring to me. All I want is to reach for that world but I’m struck in here, near the furnace which burns all my strength, all my desires.

I don’t know why I’m feeling this way. Well, actually I know why but maybe I’m refusing to admit to myself that I have to move on, to push forward and let go.

While I have to realize that the ‘Verse is still forging endlessly its gears.


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