My towering crony never sallies aside. Never. It gladly shags, besides this binary joyride. In this endless recess, we never secede. Along with these golden stars, which will never recede. Advertisements

Wafted to ashes

My heart bashes. My blood spunks, inside my threads. I feel the bounce of the impending threats. Lights are lambent and grimy. Souls are arid and steamy. Wafted to ashes.

My own ol’ blues.

The sun is murmuring bright. Like an unwonted ooze. I’m engulfing such a distant light. Secluded. Unclasped. Playing my own ol’ blues.

Glimpse of a’ eye

The torchlight of a distant star is brighting my life. Adrift and suspended I stare the infinite. Like an old soul I thrive. Like a broken doll I float. Distant. Alone. I’m everything and nothing. Discarded by the world. In an infinite glimpse of a’ eye.

Soil of nowhere

Like dust, I loose myself in the wind. Like dust, I crumble in the middle of everything. Like dust, I fell onto the soil of nowhere. Misleaded. Scorned. But grateful.

My scorned pride

A soft light. That’s what I am. My soul is fading, cherishing my scorned pride. I’m a faint ray of light. Transfixing the world.