Back on business

Slowly, but steadily, I’ve returned to this blog of mine. To this adventure. I decided to rewrite and redesign the Travel Guide section. I wanted it smaller but more effective. I don’t want my guides to sound exactly like every other guides you might find, across the ‘Verse. My guides are hints, glimpses. They can…

A short video

Today I finally managed to release my first short movie I realized days ago. I’m excited about that. Maybe I can follow this path, after all these months wondering what will the future be like for me and my life. This is, for me, a terrific news.

The first interview

This is a remarkable day. Yesterday I interviewed my first guest for this travel blog. He’s the creator of the outstanding Yela’s asteroid belt map which is increasingly being noticed by citizens around the ‘Verse. Tomorrow I’ll publish it. How terrific are these days. Stat tuned, guys.

A visual journey

It took quite a lot of time but, finally, here it is. I was able to add a new section to this travel blog. A visual journey. A collection of pictures and images from my personal archive. I’m pretty sure it will tell the story in a more intense and driving way or, maybe, it…

First articles

Finally, I was able to add the four articles for this travel blog. It has been very interesting and I sincerely hope to be able to write some other very soon. I really like taking inspiration from the outsite world and create something mine. It’s definitely a overwhelming experience. Happy reading.

The first Travel Guide

The first part of the first travel guide has been released. It’s the first, I know. But it won’t be the last. In the next period it will go deeper and further in Stanton’s secrets. Keep reading. Things are getting interesting.

The story so far

TRAVERSE is a month old, now. It continues to grow and getting bigger, day after day. Post after post. There’s room for more, of course. But all the posts and pictures already in it shows how much big is the dream behind it. What an adventure! Keep going, TRAVERSE. Keep going.

It all starts here…

It starts here. Today. It’s like a dare, you know? TRAVERSE is a dare. It’s born like that. And as a dare it will aim to get bigger and bigger. The site is already rich of post about my journeys but I want it to include more stuff. Stuff like travel guides and articles. Interviews…