You write down here. You get a response.


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  1. NewLexican says:

    I found your blog through your Spectrum post. This is some quality work! I’ve made a web-based account creation and pledge guide you may be interested in linking from your site. You can embed your referral code, an ad for your in-game org, TRAVERSE, and more by building a custom URL using the form at the bottom of the guide.
    Best of luck with the blog!

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  2. Bantam Cumberly says:

    Hi NewLexican! Thanks for your comment and for the web-based account creation and pledge guide suggestion! It’s indeed a fine work! Thanks a lot! I’ll surely add it to this blog very soon!


  3. Herbinator says:

    I think your “Meet New People” link may be broken.
    Herbinator of Arcady

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  4. Bantam Cumberly says:

    Thanks, Herbinator! I recently renamed some categories and I forgot to update that link. Now it’s fixed. Many thanks my friend.


  5. Ciao Bantam una persona con cui hai parlato mi ha appena detto che hai idee simili alle mie per quanto riguarda Star Citizen.. Se ti fa piacere contattami possiamo parlarne sono loggato con Facebook. Ciao 🙂

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    1. Ciao Johnny! Riusciamo a sentirci su Spectrum? Qual è il tuo handler?


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