What is TRAVERSE? Simple. TRAVERSE is a journey of a life. Started as a dare by Bantam, this travel blog grew as a collection of travel guides, articles and interviews. It aims to be the place of interest for everyone aiming to explore the ‘Verse.

If you want to know how it all started out and how to use this site. Everything related to this site is found in here, along feedback in our rustles. Moreover, in here you can read all about Bantam’s world.

TRAVERSE is not only a collection of travel guides, articles and interviews. It’s also an intimate collection of his author journey’s updates, pictures and videos. He started to explore the ‘Verse aboard his own Aurora LX, the Miss Elizabeth, and to write down his feelings and emotions, along with splendid pictures. It’s quite a journey, you know?

In this archive you can find travel guides, articles and news from all around the ‘Verse. Bantam’s easy and direct approach toward exploration is what makes this archive really interesting. If you’re looking for common travel guides you won’t find anything in here. TRAVERSE, instead, is a collection of writings which render the emotion and the wander that can be brought out from exploration. Doesn’t matter if you’re a lone wolf or an experienced military pilot. You’ll find something in here which will hook your attention.

The ‘Verse is not made only of space, dust and stars. The ‘Verse is full of people. Different persons who live their lives every day. Business man, explorers, fighters, spacelines pilots and an infinite combinations of them. Everyone has a story, an heritage, and, most important, a goal. In here you’ll find interviews with important people, who made their own way to the stars, as well as interviews with lone wolves. The aim is to depict the ‘Verse through their eyes and lives. Because people matters.

In here you can find more about my labour of love about this travel blog: the visual journey includes pictures which will, definitely, add one more personal touch to everything.

Each travel guide in this archive has a cover page (containing indications and description of the system in general) and several insights. While you’ll find interesting info in the cover page, you’ll be surprised by the amount of info included in the insights.

My estimated readers can write their valuable opinion in TRAVERSE’s Guestbook. If you have any question, news of interest or anything else, please, write in here. You’ll get an answer. Right away!