How It Began…


…a few credits in the account, and a sense of adventure.

That’s all Bantam needed for the trip of a lifetime. After loosing everything on Hurston and closing his well known business, Bantam Consulting, he’s been forced to start again from scratch so he decided to attempt what few people thought possible – crossing the known ‘Verse.

He first landed to ArcCorp. And couldn’t have been happier. It was too amazing an experience to keep to himself. Urged on by some friends, he stayed up nights in his dirty SelfLand hangar writing his very first travel guide, “Stanton”.


From that first, small, guide of the Stanton system his journey blog grew up a lot and, in a blink of an eye, TRAVERSE was founded. With the aim to become the ‘Verse’s most successful travel author with the goal to publish guides and articles, as well as interviews and more other stuff, for almost every destination in the ‘Verse, Bantam continues to travel and traverse the ‘Verse. His ultimate goal is to find every interesting spot and write it down in a guide.

It all started in Port Olisar, orbiting around Stanton II. But TRAVERSE is set to get bigger and more prolific, day after day.

TRAVERSE is still driven by the philosophy defined in the “Stanton” guide:

‘You got a ship. You got a destination. You got everything you need’
(Bantam Cumberly)

WHY 916?

Why you keep seeing the number 916 around? It’s a sort of mystery. No one knowns the meaning of the number. Only Bantam knows it. But he treats it like a secret. Maybe someday someone will find out the meaning of the 916. In the meantime… the journey continues.